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Accelerating new business, and ensuring customer delight.


An innovative health-tech start-up was slowly gaining traction in the NHS with a decision support tool, which offered to reduce costs and provide a mix of quality and patient safety benefits.


Sales growth was slowed by the natural risk aversion in the market; an unproven business case; technical barriers to implementation and a lack of incentive for end-users to engage. Many early contracts were small-scale pilot projects, with no clear path to conversion.


Working with customer champions and internal experts, we developed and iterated a clear, compelling value proposition that demonstrated the benefit to front line clinicians, medical directors, commissioners and budget holders. This articulated how the quality and safety aspects helped GPs and improved care for individual patients, and also gave a new level of confidence in the ability to execute against the product’s potential.


Using publicly available data, we stratified prospective customers and developed compelling messages to address the different decision-maker personas. Account-based marketing plans built support for the proposition with clinicians, operational managers, commissioners and executive decision-makers.


Analysing and understanding the customer buying journey smoothed the path for finance, legal and procurement teams, and robust business cases enabled the shift from a ‘pilot’ approach to system-wide uptake from the outset of new contracts.

We prioritised customer satisfaction, with a partnership approach to every step from initial engagement, through procurement, implementation to benefits realisation and contract renewal.


Within 4 years, the product was embedded in 75% of all GP practices in England, Scotland and Wales, with continually improving customer feedback (Net Promoter Score), financial savings and patient safety indicators. Once-cynical users and customers were converted into advocates, actively engaging in the ongoing development of new features and adjacent services.

Having a fantastic product is essential - but in itself insufficient to grow and win new customers. Empathy helps, seeing the world through the eyes of your buyers, your users, and the ultimate beneficiaries.

"Ben is professional and tenacious in his approach to business development and he gets results. He works closely with marketing to help drive successful campaigns and communications; providing invaluable customer insight, creative suggestions and targeting approaches" 

Terry Osborne, Head of Marketing

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