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Social selling

Well if ever there was a bit of nice feedback…. (hint - skip straight to the end)

So - we took to social media to talk about social selling, and had a right good turnout of old friends and new faces, discussing how we do good business and re-write the rules of sales, business development and marketing to be a little bit more pirate (in a nice way)

Summary? Oh so much. We figured out that…

  1. It’s good to be part of a community, especially online. Even more so if you’re adding a bit of value with your comments and engagement.

  2. The algorithms on LI, FB, Twitter and IG are really clever. And clever people have figured them out. Spoiler alert - by the time you’ve paid a guru to teach you how to get round the algorithms, they will change.. Duh!

  3. Sharing is caring, and giving is good. No, not just re-posting posts, actually sharing ideas, advice, valuable information and a bit of yourself for free.

  4. Yes, you heard. For free. Just give stuff away, and persist in doing the good stuff.

  5. Count the likes it it makes you happy, but personality and values matter more in social selling. Show up with positive intent, with curiosity and authenticity. Listen and learn. (people call this Lurking - thought that does sound a bit creepy to me!)

Is there a lesson in all of this?

We think so. It’s that your next ideal customer might well be the quiet one who isn’t actively ‘engaging’ - so if you really want to attract the kind of customers that you’re perfect for - keep showing them who you really are!

Oh - and the feedback from the room tonight? “If Carlsberg did Clubhouse , then this would be it…”

(it wasn't me. Somebody actually said that. Thanks Brian!)


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