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Ever Gracious in Defeat...

Or “How to deal with negativity and/or disappointment in relation to sales and strategies around how to still come out with a win” (but that just didn’t fit in the title) Sharing stories of when things have not gone to plan, how we respond, what we learn, and leadership lessons from losing…

  • Plenty of lessons learnt, and relationships built, on the back of things going awry. In fact, most of us are really good at turning our failures into a story of resilience, personal growth, and making the most of the hand we are dealt

  • And sometimes there isn’t an upside. Quite a lot of humility and honesty - and recognition that some days are not the best days, and sometimes we’ve just gotta suck it up

  • Be brutal - fail fast! If you’re in the wrong room then the sooner you can recognise that, the better.

  • Lots of views on mindset and leadership, including the failure CV, and the quote of the day goes to John Fuggles - “welcome to the win-back creation team!”

  • Debrief the wins and the losses - what was good, what should we keep, what could we do better? If it becomes a blame game, it’s time to leave.

  • And of course, a lovely tale from Martin, which included getting a knock, being a gentleman, an email at 06:36 and how it all turned out very nicely, thank you sir!

Take away thoughts? Two:

  1. We all take shots, and sometimes we miss. That’s part of the process, and if you win everything, then maybe you’re not aiming high enough. Ask Marc Marquez how many times he’s crashed...

  2. A great leadership mindset to foster in a team for every opportunity is “Either we win a deal, or we learn something”

Next week - a new topic - some new guests - the same time, same place. Come be pirate!


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