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Negotiating Win/Win/Win

Really fun convo, and some great guest contributions too.

Where did we get to ?

Lesson #1 is Ask the right questions to understand the value, before you talk about price.

Do you believe in the value? Does it match the things that your customer values? What else is created by this deal - goodwill, relationships, reputation, can it support the local economy, benefit other parts of the supply chain, or serve a wider social purpose?

We got a great quote from Albert Orsos “If it’s not the right fit, then it won’t cost you a penny!

And Martin’s award winning story about anti-negotiation!

Last thought - and a challenge to every sales pirate out there - how do you align the incentives for buyers and sellers?

Oh, and for leaders -make sure that comp plans are rewarding more than just the £s in a deal, else that might be all you get!


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