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FEARLESS with Personal Brands

Everybody seems to be banging on about 'personal branding' these days...

But really, what is this all about?

There's been a huge rise in agencies offering to manage social media channels for individuals, and not just big time super-starts and corporate CEOs, but it seems any and everybody can outsource content creation, comments, likes, connection request and even responses to somebody else.

Which begs the question - at what point did it stop being 'personal'?

We agreed on a lot of things - in particular:

  • Authenticity matters - online, offline, in business and in life. 'Social self' may not look quite the same as 'work self', but they really should have the same values and beliefs...

  • While it might feel 'expected' by employers, clients or the world, it turns out that people-pleasing is EXHAUSTING!

  • Branding is not just about attracting attention - it's also about filtering it. Reflecting your trues self is so important, because if your views and style don't fit well with a potential connection, then they're probably not a connection you really need

  • Being know for what you're brilliant at, and love to do, and how you do it in your own unique way, is a great way to show up

So - maybe - if your personal brand turns out to be your authentic self, faults and all, weird in your own special way, and worn with pride..... then you might just be winning!


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