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Getting comfortable with uncertainty...

Totally inspired by the crazy interactive documentary / experiment / experience / community that is

The Uncertainty Experts are real people with real lived experiences to share. They’ve seen how uncertainty fuels anxiety and found ways to transform that experience into something useful, real strategies for thriving in uncertain times.

🏴‍☠️Sales Pirates turn this to the challenges of leading a team, building new relationships, helping clients solve big problems, and doing good business for a win/win/win.

Nuggets of wisdom thrown up for debate include....

  • Uncertainty is nothing new! Learning to recognise it, and taking time to accept it, is a great start to plotting a course forwards

  • Appreciating what is within your control, or possible to influence, or fundamentally outside your control creates a to-do list of things to solve, and things to accept (like Mondays, and gravity)

  • Sales managers often seek to create a (false) sense of predictability and certainty. Sales leaders equip their teams, and condition their execs, to face the unknown with courage and optimism

  • Stuff never goes the way we expect. If it does, then maybe it's time to set bolder ambitions. That comfort zone does not serve you well!

Developing a sense of certainty in yourselves - your products or services, and the value they can bring to your customers, is a fantastic way to lean in to the external things we cannot predict. Be amazing at your bit, know it, show it, wear it with pride - and enjoy the ride!


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